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With over 50 years in the pharmaceutical market, PROBIOMED is a first-rate Mexican biotechnology company with a global reach.

Probiomed focuses on research & development of biotechnological & generic pharmaceutical products. By the end of the 1980s when innovation was the key to staying competitive, PROBIOMED entered the Bio-tech market with the aim of manufacturing proteins that were identical to those produced by the human body but using Recombinant DNA Technology.


Probiomed’s portfolio is composed of a wide range of generics and high-tech Biosimilars

Probiomed’s portfolio is composed of a wide range of generics and high-tech Biosimilars - such as cytokines, monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins & Recombinant Vaccines- for the prevention and treatment of autoimmune & chronic-degenerative diseases, hematological & metabolic disorders, as well as malignant neoplasms, among other conditions, covering medical specialties such as cardiology, surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, oncology, orthopedics, nephrology, neurology, traumatology & urology.

Research Complex

Probiomed Industrial Biotechnological Research Complex.

This centre is unique in Latin America for its production of nine Recombinant Proteins from active ingredient to medicinal product or, in biotech terms, Gene to Medicine.

It comprises a Biotechnological Industrial Park, an R&D Center for New Biotechnological Drug Products and a Technological R&D Center for Bioequivalent Drug Products.

International Footprint

PROBIOMED now has a firm international footing.

PROBIOMED now has a firm international footing. It sells its products & active ingredients in countries including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Libya, Russia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Pakistan & Ukraine.

PROBIOMED possess an interdisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals, designs and develops pharmaceutical products and processes with cutting-edge technology to offer high-end health solutions on a global scale.