Quality is Our Priceless Asset


  • Our management ensures that quality system is implemented and maintained throughout the transportation process. Good Distribution Practices for quality and timely delivery of medicines to the end user are strictly ensured by our distribution channel.
  • Upon the arrival of shipment at airport and custom clearance; a physical count for the number of master cartons is performed against the Bill of Entry and then the consignment is immediately transported in our covered dedicated vehicles to our warehouse. At warehouse; prior to shifting the products to their allocated pallets, each product is physically checked and counted after which the stock is entered in our inventory control program in the computer.
  • Storage conditions are ensured to be in compliance with the labeling. Specified frequency of cleaning the premises & storage areas is strictly followed. Equipment used for monitoring is calibrated at defined intervals. Results of temperature & humidity control checks are recorded and retained.
  • In case of power failure 2 standby generators are immediately started & this implies in night time also.
  • There is maintenance of complete description of the wares, quality, quantity, supplier, supplier’s batch number, the date of receipt, assigned batch number and the expiry date. These are retained for a period equal to the shelf-life of the incoming materials and products, plus 1 year.
  • Once the delivery challan and the invoice is generated, the consignment is dispensed and properly packed according to the written packaging requirement of the product.
  • The receipt of the delivery order and the dispatch of the goods is documented.
  • Temperature sensitive products are packed in an insulated box with a proper frozen ice gel.
  • Our nationwide dispatch gets ready in the afternoon by 3.00 pm, to be given to our corporate courier service provider. Also a Red color sticker stated “Temperature sensitive product” is attached to the dispatch as a caution.
  • Dispatch usually takes about 24 hours to reach its final destination. In case of thermo labile products if not delivered within 24 hours, it is reported to our marketing coordinator and decisions are based on product stability at particular temperature.
  • The distribution records are readily available to the authorized person. Returned goods, including recalled goods, are handled in accordance with approved standard procedures.